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Virtual Prayer Box Entries
HNEC maintains a Prayer Box filled with slips of paper containing the names of prospective Pilgrims that have been submitted by the HNEC community.  These slips are provided at every Gathering, Candle Light Worship service, and Closing so additional names can be added.  The Prayer Box is prayed over at each of these meetings and at each Board meeting.

In this day of virtual Gatherings and the postponement of many Walks due to the Covid pandemic, we are adding a Virtual Prayer Box so you will continue to have an opportunity to add names of prospective Pilgrims to be prayed over.

Enter as many names as you like of prospective Pilgrims and they will be added to our Virtual Prayer Box along with the physical Prayer Box names.
If you want to submit your name to work a walk, please use our Team Service Interest Form to provide us with your information.
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