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Applications and Documents

Application forms should always be submitted in a timely manner and with the following issues in mind:
  • The maximum number of Pilgrims per walk is 36.
  • Walk registrations can be accepted up until the beginning Walk date provided openings are still available.
  • All forms can now be signed electronically and/or delivered electronically at your option.
  • Applications are considered received in the order of their postmark date if surface mailed or by their data/time group signature if electronically delivered.
  • For questions about pilgrim applications, status, etc., contact registrar Alyssa Macaluso at: registrar@hnec.org.
  • For financial assistance on Walk fees, contact Laura McMeans, Community Chair.  CommunityLayDirector@hnec.org.
  • Online payment is available via PayPal on the Online Payment page.


Document Downloads

Documents marked with an asterisk (*) have been Reader Enabled.  This means that you can fill out the form onscreen after you download it, and it can be Saved, Printed, Reopened, and/or Re-edited without losing your data.  In addition, these documents can be "electronically signed" and have buttons on them which can be clicked to automate sending them to the appropriate recipient.  Instructions are included in each document with this capability.

Note:  You must use Adobe Reader in order to be able to fill out the forms onscreen.  Other pdf "readers" and programs do not have the code necessary to handle fillable form documents.

Sponsor Documents -
HNEC Pilgrim Application *   (4/18/2022)
HNEC Sponsor Form *   (1/12/2023)
HNEC Sponsor Checklist   (1/11/2023)
HNEC Sponsor Information   (Jan 2023)

Servant Documents -

Board and Team Documents -
Note:  All Board and Team Documents are now accessed via the HNEC Google Drive.

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