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Email Options Information

HNEC is using a 3rd party email application (iContact) to communicate with our members.

Any email which you receive from HNEC will have an Unsubscribe link immediately below the message, and you can click this link at any time if you no longer wish to receive email from us.  Once you see the "Manage Your Email Subscriptions and Profile" page, you can unsubscribe from any list which you are on, you can ask to never be emailed again by us, or you can update your profile information (see more information below).  Be sure to click the Update button to have your changes saved by the system.

Changing Your Contact Information

If you need to change any of your contact information in our 3rd party mailer proceed as follows:

Click the Unsubscribe link in any email you received from us (via iContact).

Click the Edit Profile link at the bottom of the "Manage Your Email Subscriptions" page to the right of the Update button.

Edit your email address, first name, and/or last name as necessary.  This is the only information that is retained in this temporary system, so any information entered in other fields will be discarded.

Click the Update button to save any changes that you made.

If there are problems or questions, please contact communications@hnec.org.

Subscribing to our list

If we have somehow missed you on our mailing liist, you can subscribe by using the form below:

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