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Only you know how Emmaus has impacted you on your journey with Christ.  Or, perhaps how it has impacted someone you know who has experienced the weekend.  We are all thankful for these unique experiences, changes of hearts, and now we ask for your help in sharing the opportunity with others. 

Your financial assistance to grow and sustain the long-term viability of our Emmaus Community is needed and will be used in the following areas.

1) Emmaus Walk scholarships and fees:  Enables those on tight budgets to attend a Walk.  Fees were increased from $155 to $180 to cover a $5,000 budget shortfall in 2015.  Our hope is that the additional monies raised can help where needed to off-set the increased fees.

2) Maintenance and acquisition of HNEC property:  Sound system (est cost $3,000) for Kaiser Hall (now borrowed), golf cart maintenance and replacement (est. cost $14,000 – $15,000 - 17 years old and aging), and other Walk-related equipment.

3) Maintain the quality of our current Walks, while offering financial assistance, as appropriate, to emerging sister Emmaus and other Spiritual communities, in our area, Central America, and Africa.

Our Goal:  $30,000 to ensure long-term planning goals and Emmaus community continuity.

Tax-free donations can be made to the Houston North Emmaus Community as follows:

To make your donation via traditional means make your check out to HNEC, place "HNEC donation" in the remarks section, and send it to:
HNEC Donation
PO Box 9252
Spring, TX  77387

To make your donation online via PayPal, please complete the form below.  You do not have to have a PayPal account to make a one-time donation.  You have to have a PayPal account with an active credit card to make a recurring donation (you can create an account after this form sends you to PayPal if you don't already have one).  When the form is complete, click "Continue" to transfer to PayPal and complete your payment information.

Enter the Name of the person making the donation:
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