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2018 Board Election Information
The information below is provided so you can familiarize yourself with the candidates for the HNEC Board of Directors to be elected on October 14, 2017 at the HNEC Gathering.  Eleven candidates have been presented, 6 ladies and 4 gentlemen, and 3 candidates of each gender will be elected to serve a 3 year term.  Specific voting information will be provided on the ballot.

When you have familiarized yourself with the candidates, you may vote as follows:

Vote online here, download a ballot to fill out, print, and bring to the Gathering, or you may vote in person at the Gathering.

The information on the candidates below is not ranked in any manner.  It is presented with the ladies first and with both groups in the time-honored alphabetical order.



Terry Amos

I am Terry Amos.  My Emmaus experience began with an invitation to attend Walk #34 in April of 2006.  I had no idea what to expect, but I so loved Margaret that I really did not hesitate to accept her invitation!  I had a meaningful walk, but I was continuing to question what exactly I was supposed to do with all that I had experienced.  I became a part of an Emmaus group and every week I was able to share and ask for prayers!  After a while, I received a call to work an Emmaus Walk and God captured my heart!  I was totally exhausted after the walk, but there were really no words to express how joyful I felt.  Each time I return to Kaiserhof to work a walk or attend a Candlelight I believe I am truly in the Lord’s presence.  I know this is true because God is in the midst of every aspect of Emmaus!  Each time I worked a walk - irregardless of what area I was asked to work - it was truly humbling!

I am honored to be on the ballot for Emmaus Board. I know there is much work to do!



Lollie Duroy

De Colores!  My name is Lollie Duroy and I attended Houston Emmaus Walk #78, where I sat at the Table of Loving Kindness.  I am married to my high school sweetheart, Ray, and we worship at StoneBridge Church in The Woodlands where I teach adult Sunday School and women’s Bible studies.

From the moment I arrived at the Cursillo Center, wondering, "What has my husband gotten me in to?" until the defining questions at closing touched my heart, Emmaus, for me, was a life-changing experience as I came to know the love of Jesus Christ!  Now, much like the words of the little song, my passion is to "Pass It On" and team service is truly the gift that keeps on giving, for both the pilgrims, and ourselves, as well!  I am honored to have served with the Epiphany Prison ministry and on several Emmaus teams, the Board and as a Lay Director, where I witnessed the power of prayer and the illumination of the Luke 24 Scripture as it came alive in the hearts of thirty-six pilgrims!  You just cannot out-give our God!

I know God has many different ministries, but from the time I made my walk in 1993, I have been "on fire" for Emmaus and credit Emmaus as being the "launch pad" of my spiritual journey.  The purpose of Emmaus is to send us back to our churches, to grow and become stronger disciples, giving back what we have received, or again, as the song so amply states - to "Pass It On!"  As I complete my last semester of seminary, I would be blessed and honored to serve the North Houston Emmaus Community as a Board Member and "pass on" this gift, called The Walk to Emmaus!



Sarah Fortner

DeColores.  My name is Sarah Fortner and I went on Houston North Emmaus walk #11 in October of 2002 and I sat at the table of Courage, which happened to be the perfect name and table for me.  Since my walk I have lived out the two questions asked at the end of the walk, that God freed me from of my biggest fear and to love all people.  Through Emmaus over the years God has nudged me gently out of my comfort zone of hiding and has used my testimony to help change lives.  No longer do I fear, I even have gone as far as praying with complete strangers (a stranger is a friend you have not met yet) in stores, parking lots, or wherever I may be.  I have had the pleasure of working many walks.  No matter what role I have served during the walks God has shown up and opened my eyes to new truths and deeper love for Him and His people.  To serve on the HNEC board would give me further opportunities to grow in courage of standing in the gap.  It would also give me a deeper understanding of all that goes into the walks and allow God to use me in new and exciting ways.



Tammy Walterbach

I am Tammy Walterbach.  I attended HNEC Walk #13 in 2004 and sat at the table “In the Light of His Glory”.  Having arrived at Kickapoo, I was amazed that a group of women would take time out of their week to share the love of Christ with a bunch of strangers.  Through their service, time, and kind words, they ministered to me.  Seizing the little bit of quiet time on the Walk, I took the opportunity to reconsider my priorities and renew my commitment to the Lord.  The next year, I was excited when I received the call to serve on a Walk.  It has been a blessing to serve in various positions since 2004 and it would be a privilege to serve the Emmaus Community if chosen to do so.  Thanks for your consideration.



Salana Yarger

I am Salana Yarger.  If there was ever someone who did NOT want to be on an Emmaus Walk, you’re looking at her!

After 3 stubborn days thinking I surely did not belong there, I had a surge of joy when Sunday had finally arrived and I was heading back to my home and family.

But on Monday morning, as my 4th day began, what I woke up thinking was “where’s that tambourine”?  Not really but, I did realize that for the first time since my journey began, I didn’t have to spring out of bed and rush immediately to Chapel.  But, my heart wanted to and I longed to be in front of His altar with my arms held high, praising him for the overflow of love I had just received, and that he had always given me.

I was in the right place but didn’t know it and in the 16-years since my Emmaus weekend, God has continued to place me where I don’t feel qualified and has continued to transform and fill my heart with his never-ending, abundant love.

In October 2001, I attended Emmaus Walk #5 and sat at the table of Jehovah-Shalom, the Lord is Peace!  I am grateful for God’s blessing on HNEC and if called to serve Him on this Board, I will seek his guidance and trust his purpose. Blessings to you!



Corey Worthen

I am Corey Worthen.  I attended Chrysalis Journey #3 in January of 2003 with my sister while we were in College.  My parents had just attended their Emmaus Walks and offered to sponsor us.  At the time, I wasn’t sure what I was looking for… but by the end I had found something new and exciting, something I knew I could be a part of.  I started the weekend with my family but continue on my Fourth day with one of the biggest support systems of unconditional love.

Since my Journey, I have worked almost 20 weekends between Emmaus, Chrysalis, and Kairos Outside.  It amazes me that after all these weekends, I am still learning new things.

I previously served on the Houston West Chrysalis Community Board as the Community Lay Director.  I loved the opportunity to be able to introduce youth to God’s Grace and help them pass it on to the next person.  As my time was wrapping up on the HWCC board, the next door was opened and I was given the chance to be the Lay Director of Women’s Walk #93.  I was honored to be the first Chrysalis Fourth Day to lead an HNEC Emmaus Walk.  I was reminded how incredible this ministry can be.

Chrysalis started me on my Journey, but Emmaus has given me the opportunity and experiences to continue on my Walk and help me grow.  I look forward to sharing God’s Grace and serving any way that I can.



LeRoy Fronk

I am LeRoy Fronk.  I attended Walk #16, table of Joy.  My walk changed my life in may ways.  It changed how I approach each day, my priorities, my studies, my service, my friends, and my worship.  My continued involvement in Emmaus over the years via sponsoring, team membership, community servanthood, church fourth day leadership, and former role on the Board, has allowed me to become an active member of the Body of Christ.  My wife and I have been a member of a couples reunion group for 14 years and that group has become family.  My continued involvement in Emmaus has allowed me to make many many friends that will be friends for life.  I am always willing to do whatever the Emmaus community asks me to do.




Joe Hudman

I am Joe Hudman.  I attended Walk 20 in 1990 at the Houston Cursillo Center.  That experience started me down a path that is allowing me to grow in my Christian faith.  I have worked many walks and each walk has added to my growth.  I support the Walk to Emmaus because I have gotten so much from participating in the walks.  Due to moves, we have changed churches from Methodist to Baptist and now a non-denominational.  My wife and I currently are members of Point Blank Community Church.  Each time we felt that was the church the Holy Spirit was leading us to join.



Wayne Parcel

I am Wayne Parcel.  I was a pilgrim on HNEC Men’s Walk #10 at Kickapoo Ranch in 2002.  Since then I have had the privilege of volunteering for 8 Emmaus Walks, 21 Kairos weekends, a Chrysalis flight, and a Kairos Outside weekend.

The Walk to Emmaus opened up many opportunities that I never expected at the time.  Almost immediately, I was asked to work a Kairos weekend at the Darrington Unit in Rosharon.  I spent over 10 years working within Kairos, and was asked to serve as Weekend Leader for Darrington Kairos #39 in April of 2007.  My participation in Emmaus was limited to sponsoring pilgrims and leading the CUMC Emmaus Community during my Kairos activity.  I got back to serving HNEC in 2010, and have been very active since then.  I was a member of the HNEC Board of Directors from 2011 through 2013.  In March of this year, I was blessed to serve as Lay Director for HNEC Men’s Walk #92 at Kaiserhof.  I have also had the opportunity to serve in several ministries at my home church, Cypress United Methodist Church, including Music and Fine Arts, Hospitality, United Methodist Men, the Holy Smokers, and Lay Development.  For the past 15 years, I have facilitated a weeknight Bible study called Men’s Roundtable.

Emmaus is one of the best ways to develop church leadership and better understand the workings of other churches and denominations.  Serving the HNEC Emmaus Community has been a true blessing, and I would like to continue serving any way I can.



Tom Wanamaker

My name is Tom Wanamaker.  My wife Kay and I have three daughters, a son-in-law, and a grandson.  We have lived in The Woodlands for over 30 years and we worship at The Woodlands UMC.  I attended Houston Emmaus Walk #137 in August of 1996 at the Cursillo Center in Houston and I sat at the Table of Healing.

When asked to share my testimony, I oftentimes refer to the “foundation” of my walk with the Lord.  Early in my walk, the foundation, in my case, involved The Woodlands UMC, Disciple Bible Study, the Walk to Emmaus and Bible Study Fellowship.  If the Lord had not put these in my path, I shudder to think where life would have led me.

My Walk weekend was not a “mountain-top experience”, but the Holy Spirit actually spoke to me after I got home.  Later that night, as I opened agape gifts, reviewed talk notes, read letters, and spent quiet time reflecting and sharing the weekend with God, only then did it begin to hit me.  A year later I was called to serve on my first team, then it really hit home!  I was absolutely blown away!  I was hooked!  I wanted to share this experience with others whom He put on my heart.

Since then I’ve served on many teams and in many different positions from that of a servant to various leadership roles – each and every time was a true joy and blessing to witness the impact Emmaus had on the Pilgrims, Team Members, and the Fourth Day who supported the weekend.  I would come home a “new man” armed and ready to tackle what God put in my path.

If God chooses me to be elected to the HNEC Board of Directors by my Fourth Day brothers and sisters, I will faithfully, humbly, and prayerfully carry out whatever responsibilities He puts in my path.



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