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2019 Board Election Information
The information below is provided so you can familiarize yourself with the candidates for the HNEC Board of Directors to be elected in October, 2018 (voting will cease at midnight, October 31, 2018).  Ten candidates have been presented, 5 ladies and 5 gentlemen, and 4 candidates of each gender will be elected to serve a 3 year term.  Specific voting information will be provided on the ballot.

When you have familiarized yourself with the candidates, you may vote as follows:

Vote online here, download a ballot to fill out, print, and bring to the Gathering, or you may vote in person at the Gathering.

The information on the candidates below is not ranked in any manner.  It is presented with the ladies first and with both groups in the time-honored alphabetical order.



Donna Drabec

My name is Donna Drabec.  I attended my Emmaus walk in April of 2010.  It was Walk #55 at Kaiserhoff and I sat at the table of Ruth.  I was raised as a Christian and made my profession of Faith as a child.  However, after attending my Walk I felt as if my eyes had been opened to a much more personal relationship with Christ.  A closer and more intimate knowledge of his everyday presence in my life.

I have loved serving on walks.  I have served as assistant table leader, table leader, Agape team and Head Agape servant.

I have been a member of Foundry UMC since 1998.

De Colores



Diana Malin

My name is Diana Malin.  I attended HNEC Walk #57 in 2010 at Kaiserhof and sat at the Table of Esther.  My Walk experience was very impactful to me.  While I have attended church most of my life, I never “got” the message of God’s unconditional love until my Walk.  The expressions of agape love through the weekend demonstrated by the Walk team and Fourth Day – and especially the candlelight experience – helped bring that message home to me – by impressing what I knew intellectually on my heart.

Since that experience, I am thankful I have been able to serve HNEC on teams to help provide the Walk to Emmaus experience to other sisters in Christ.  My prayer in serving on walk teams is that we will provide a setting that will enable God to work uniquely in each participant’s spiritual journey.  I have served on many teams over the last eight years in many different roles - both on Servant Teams and Conference Room teams.  I have also had the privilege of sponsoring pilgrims as well.

A few more personal details about me:  My family has lived in The Woodlands since we moved to Texas in 2000.  I am a member of Christ Church United Methodist in The Woodlands, and am active in choir, Sunday School, and other ministries of the church.  I have been married to my wonderful husband Dave for 34 years.  We raised two daughters and have welcomed a son-in-law into the family.  I work for a chemical distributor in an Information Technology role.

If I am elected to the HNEC Board, I will do my best to bring my experience as a pilgrim, team member, and sponsor to the Board role to which I am appointed.  I will also do my best to seek God’s guidance and serve in a way that upholds the guidelines and principles of the Walk to Emmaus program.



Laura McMeans

My name is Laura McMeans and I am very excited to be a candidate for your HNEC Board of Directors!

I have been married to a wonderful man for over 17 years and have two beautiful teenage daughters.  I have been serving on Emmaus teams in the HNEC Community for about nine years, and served many weekends in Ohio with the Findlay Area Emmaus and Chrysalis communities there before moving to The Woodlands in 2008.

Emmaus is unique because it goes beyond individual churches and denominations to bring Christ followers together to serve, encourage, love, and grow.  Through Emmaus I have had the opportunity to form friendships and bonds with women I would have likely never met otherwise.  And I appreciate that no matter where I go, there is an Emmaus community nearby where I know I will feel welcomed, just like the HNEC Community welcomed me after moving far away from family and friends ten years ago.

Thank you very much for your consideration!



Jill Oliver

I am Jill Oliver.  I grew up in the Champions area of Northwest Houston and attended John Wesley UMC when it first began.  When Paul and I got married, we moved back to the area and raised our two daughters here.  The four of us are members at John Wesley along with my parents, and Paul's parents are members of Tomball UMC.  Recently I joined the staff at John Wesley as their Treasurer after serving in various lay leadership roles - Chair of Church Council, Trustee, Chair of Finance Committee, and many other volunteer roles.

God has been apparent at many moments in my life including my husband's and my attendance at HNEC Walks 48 and 49 ten years ago and at each Walk that we have been part of since then.  I was blessed to serve as Head Agape along with the awesome team of Walk 101 a few weeks ago.  As we sang at Team Dedication, found a way to shuttle pilgrims over water after the rain, and once again experienced the joy of Candlelight, it renewed my spirit as it always does.

I would be honored to serve on the board and work with the community to serve God and to continue to provide this special ministry.



Corey Worthen

My name is Corey Worthen.  I attended Chrysalis Journey #3 in January of 2003 in Fort Worth, Texas.

Through Emmaus, my family has become a lot closer and due to all of the people we have met along the way, my Christian family has grown also.  I have been involved in Emmaus, Chrysalis, Kairos, and Kairos Outside since I went on my walk 15 years ago and love to see how this amazing ministry can affect so many people in so many different ways.  I love being a part of this Community and was honored when I was asked to be a Lay Director in the Spring of 2017.

I have served on the Board for Houston West Chrysalis Community for four years and stepped in to fill a one year position on the HNEC board for 2018.  I have enjoyed being a member of a board that is always looking for new ways to help our community grow and would love the opportunity to continue being a part of this board.  I look forward to sharing God’s Grace and serving any way that I can.

De Colores and Fly With Christ!



Mike Allen

I am Mike Allen and I attended HNEC Walk #56 and sat at the Table of Matthew.  My Walk has been the most significant spiritual experience of my life.  It changed how I deal with life and all the complications as well as joy that comes with it.

I have worked several Walks since my Walk and love the entire experience of the Walk to Emmaus.  I think being an ATL on the first Walk after mine could have been as impactful to me as my original Walk.

I attend Foundry United Methodist Church and am very involved with the Emmaus community at Foundry.  I thoroughly enjoy how much Foundry supports the Emmaus community.

On Sunday of my Walk, answering the questions “What has the Walk meant to me?  And what am I going to do about it?”  My answer to the second question was “I have no idea.”  And I did not realize that answer meant that I might be to be on the Board of Emmaus, but I am more than willing to do whatever I can for the Walk to Emmaus.



Kevin McMachen

I am Kevin McMachen.  My wife (Dawn) and I attended the Walk to Emmaus in 2006.  After attending my Walk (#36) I became passionate about the weekend.  My wife and I have sponsored numerous pilgrims on their walk.  I have worked many walks as well as participating in Kairos Torch (incarcerated youth), and Chrysalis.  I love music and have served many Walks and Fourth Day activities in the music capacity.  My wife and I have been married since 2003 and have three children.  Lauren (23), Savanna (17), and Evan (14).  To me, Emmaus is more than just a spiritual retreat.  It is a weekend that reaches into the hearts of God’s people and causes them to truly see the love God has for them.  Every time I serve this community, I am renewed by the love God has for me.  My goal in serving this community has always been to help others experience that love I found for God on my weekend and learn to have that relationship I have with God daily.  Before my walk, God was someone I prayed to.  After my walk, He has become someone I confide in.br />


Matt Pearce

My name is Matt Pearce and I attended Houston North Emmaus Walk #90 at Kaiserhof in September 2016 and sat at the table of Paul.  I am married to an amazing daughter of Christ, Drewann Pearce, who attended Walk 93, and we have two sons, Ryland (9) and Jackson (7).  In the two years that I have been a part of the 4th Day community, I have served as an Assistant Table Leader on Walks 96 and 94.  I have been active in an Emmaus reunion group for 2 years which has lead me to other small groups through my home church, Kingwood United Methodist Church.  Drewann and I have both been transformed individually and in our marriage through our Emmaus experiences as well our participation in the HNEC 4th Day and have made it a point to attend as many of the community events as we are able.  When not involved in church functions, I enjoy spending time at our boys athletic activities, fishing, reading, watching Aggie sports, visiting family, and spending time in the Texas Hill Country.  Thank you for this opportunity to give back to a community that has blessed our family so much.

Leonard (Scotty) Scott

Hey HNEC community, my name is Leonard (Scotty) Scott.  I am running for one of the open positions on the Houston North Emmaus Community Board this fall.  My wife Diane and I attended our Walks in 1996 in Boerne, TX.  The Walk was a life changing experience for us as well as I'm sure it was for many of you.  We are members of Faith United Methodist Church in Spring where Diane is the Executive Ministry Assistant.  I am the golf course superintendent at Grand Lake Golf Club in the Montgomery/Magnolia area.  I was in the golf course construction business for some time which required our moving about every year to year and a half.  During that time we were active in a number of different Emmaus communities as we moved from place to place.  It was such a blessing to be a part of so many different communities and being able to be part of their similarities and differences.  We began serving in the Kairos Prison Ministry (the same format as the Emmaus Walk) right from the start in 1996 and did so for about 20 years.  In the last 12 years though, I felt the call to focus more time on the Houston North Emmaus Community.  I have served on a number of Walks and have been blessed to serve in a variety of positions in the conference room and servant teams.  I can't express how fantastic it is to be a part of this community and the fellowship of my brothers and sister in Christ.

I am sure all of you know that in order for HNEC to continue to grow and be a vibrant Emmaus community, it has to have dedicated servants willing to step out of the boat to further Christ's work here.  I would only hope, as you pray about who should be elected to these open position on the Board, that I might be one of those servants.



Doug Spitz

My name is Doug Spitz and I attended HNEC Walk #12 in 2003 at Kickapoo.  How things have changed in the last 15 years!  The Walk to Emmaus experience is without a doubt, one of the Top 3 Greatest Things to have ever happened in my life.  I am confident that the entire experience, the agape love, the humble service of others, the presence of God’s grace and the showering of prayers, changed my life and indeed, profoundly changes so many others lives.  I have served on many Walks, in all capacities and served as Lay Director on Walk #94 in the Spring of 2018.  This experience we all share through Emmaus, is a wonderful tool to encourage continued growth in Christ, leadership within their local church and for many, a call to service.  Service is why I feel compelled to help on the Board of HNEC.  I want to commit the next 3 years to the continued growth of our community and the inspiration and equipping of future 4th day for Christian action in their churches, communities and homes.



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