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Ministry Manager

Ministry Manager is the new Emmaus database provided by The Upper Room for Emmaus communities.  It replaced the iNet database for HNEC in May of 2019.

If you were an existing HNEC forth day at that time, you should have received an invitation email from The Upper Room asking you to Sign In to the new Ministry Manager application to create your account and verify your information for use in the community.  Please do so as it will be the method used for communications and membership management once the full system is online.  Having your correct information will ensure that you can remain an active and informed part of our community in the future.

Note:  Due to some limitations we are not using the Email capabilities in Ministry Manager.  We are using iContact to communicate with our community.  Please keep your email information current in iContact as well as Ministry Manager so you can continue to receive HNEC information.

What should I do if I did not act when I received my email from ministrymanager@upperroom.org inviting me to “join Emmaus”?

If you can still find your email (look for an email from ministrymanager@upperroom.org with the subject “Emmaus Invitation”) click on the “Accept Invitation” button and it will take you to a Sign Up page where you can create your Ministry Manager account.  Fill out the form and click the “Create Your Account” button to finish.

If you cannot find your invitation email, go to the Ministry Manager portal page at https://ministrymanager.upperroom.org and click the “Sign Up” button, fill out the form, and click the “Create Your Account” button to finish.

What should I check in my Ministry Manager Profile?

Once you are in the Ministry Manager, check your profile to ensure that all of your information is correct.  There are several fields in each profile which are mandatory.  If they are left blank, you may be able to complete the verification of your account, but we will not be able to change your status.  These fields are:
First Name
Last Name
Phone Number (unfortunately having something in Mobile Phone Number isn’t sufficient)
Birth Date
Email Address

After changing and/or updating any of your profile information, ensure that you get a message stating that the update was successful before moving on.  If you get a failure message, check the profile fields for hints in red about those fields that may be filled out incorrectly or are mandatory and were left blank.

What should I do if Ministry Manager says that my email is already registered?

If you are told that your email is already registered, it may be because both you and your spouse used the same email in our old iNet system.  Ministry Manager requires a discrete email address for every member, so if you had a common email address, one of you was automatically assigned a “dummy” Ministry Manager email address to satisfy this need.  Have the other spouse log in using the “registered” email and then check your profile to see if the Walks and Sponsor listings match the person who is logged in.  If the profile information matches the person listed in the profile, you can then contact communications@hnec.org to obtain your “dummy” email address so you then can use that to register the other spouse, log in, and change the profile information to include a real email address.

When I Sign Out so my spouse can log in, Ministry Manager automatically logs me back in to my account.

Ministry Manager installs a “cookie” on your system when you log in and this cookie persists for a while even when you Sign Out, so if you click the Log In button again while the cookie is still active, you are automatically logged back in to MM without even having to enter your information.  One of the reasons this has been done is that The Upper Room has gone to a single log in per user for all Upper Room accounts.  So your log in will be the same for the Ministry Manager and for any other Upper Room accounts that you have.

The way to allow your spouse to Log In after you Sign Out of Ministry Manager is to sign yourself out of all Upper Room accounts as follows. 
After Signing Out, you are taken back to the Log In page. 
Click the Support link at the bottom right of the Log In button. 
When you see a rather blank page titled The Upper Room, click on your email address at the upper right and in the drop list select Sign Out
Now click your browser’s Back button until you are back at the Ministry Manager Log In page and your spouse will be able to Log In successfully.

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