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Houston North Emmaus Community



2020 Board Election Information
The information below is provided so you can familiarize yourself with the candidates for the HNEC Board of Directors to be elected in October, 2019 (voting will cease at midnight, November 1, 2019).  Ten candidates have been presented, 6 ladies and 4 gentlemen, and 3 candidates of each gender will be elected to serve a 3 year term.  Specific voting information will be provided on the ballot.

When you have familiarized yourself with the candidates, you may vote as follows:

Vote online here, download a ballot to fill out, print, and bring to the Gathering, or you may vote in person at the Gathering.

The information on the candidates below is not ranked in any manner.  It is presented with the ladies first and with both groups in the time-honored alphabetical order.



Janet Akery

My name is Janet Akery.  I attended Bay Area Emmaus Walk #6 at the Cursillo center, in November of 2001 and sat at the table of The Holy Light.  The walk showed me how powerful the love of Christ is in service, in gifts and in action.  It didn't matter what denomination we were, what church we attended, how well educated we were or what neighborhood we lived in – we were all pilgrims on the same journey seeking the same Lord.

I am a widow with six grown children, twelve grandchildren and two great grands.  My husband and I were licensed and ordained together in March of 2009.  I currently attend The Woodlands United Methodist Church, and also serve in leadership in Refreshing Winds Ministries, which ministers primarily to women, but has a heart to serve pastors and their wives. 

Over the past 18 years, I have served on 11 teams in the HNEC community in many different positions; the most recent as Lay Director on Walk #104.  Every time I served on a team, that particular role showed me another facet of Emmaus and why servanthood is so important.  If I am chosen to serve on the Board, I will bring my years of experience in Emmaus to the table, as well as the experience gained over 40 years working in accounting in corporate America.  I will make serving this community a priority and seek God's guidance and direction for any decisions to be made.



Rhonda Fronk

My name is Rhonda Fronk.  I attended HNEC Walk #9 in July 2002 and sat at the table of “He is the Deliverer”.  I am a member of HopePointe Anglican Church in The Woodlands, where I serve as bass guitar player in the Modern Worship band and help facilitate music worship in my home fellowship group.  I live in Spring and am a “mom” to three delightful feline fur-babies.

The Walk to Emmaus has been a significant part of my life over the past 17 years.  I have been blessed to serve as Lay Director for Walks #47 and #69 and Servant Team Coordinator for Walk #59, with various other roles along the way, both before and since.  I served a prior three-year elected term on the HNEC Board (starting somewhere around 2007) and I have sponsored several family members and friends on their Walks.

Three terms come to mind which best describe the Walk to Emmaus for me.

Companionship.  This is the knowledge of the constant companionship of Jesus with me.  The picture of him on the road to Emmaus with the two disciples says it all.  He is always with me…and with you, too!  So many times, I have cried out to Jesus, “Fix this situation…NOW!”  He may act quickly.  He may delay.  He may do nothing at all to change it.  Sometimes he is silent.  But even if I do not feel his presence, my faith assures me that he is ALWAYS there, walking, walking, walking with me through life’s joys and sorrows.

Relationship.  Wow, how I am blessed with great and precious relationships because of Emmaus!  Friends, family, reunion group members, fellow musicians, clergy, Walk team members, pilgrims from Walks on which I have served that have blossomed and grown into mighty women of God!  Priceless!

Servant leadership.  The Emmaus model, breathed into life by the Holy Spirit, is simple but profound.  Serve as Jesus served.  He took a towel, got down on his knees, and washed his disciples’ feet.  He, silent before his accusers, endured a senseless beating, went to the cross, took three nails and a crown of thorns, and went to the death for us.  If we let it, the Walk to Emmaus will help conform us into Jesus’ servant image, where there is no “I” and where each one grows in grace and serves with joy and humility.

I would love to join your HNEC Board again for the next three years, as we walk on down the Emmaus Road together!



Laura McMeans

My name is Laura McMeans and I am very excited to be a candidate for your HNEC Board of Directors!

I have been married to a wonderful man for over 17 years and have two beautiful teenage daughters.  I have been serving on Emmaus teams in the HNEC Community for about nine years, and served many weekends in Ohio with the Findlay Area Emmaus and Chrysalis communities there before moving to The Woodlands in 2008.

Emmaus is unique because it goes beyond individual churches and denominations to bring Christ followers together to serve, encourage, love, and grow.  Through Emmaus I have had the opportunity to form friendships and bonds with women I would have likely never met otherwise.  And I appreciate that no matter where I go, there is an Emmaus community nearby where I know I will feel welcomed, just like the HNEC Community welcomed me after moving far away from family and friends ten years ago.   
Thank you very much for your consideration!



Drewann Pearce

Hi!  My name is Drewann Pearce and I attended HNEC Walk #93 in the Spring of 20I7.  I am so blessed to be married to Matt Pearce, who attended HNEC Walk #90, and we have 2 boys.  My Emmaus experience has strengthened my personal and spiritual relationships and faith in ways I never imagined.  It has deepened my personal walk with Christ and fostered the avenues for me to become more active in my local church community at Kingwood UMC.  My experience in my 4th day with reunion groups and other small groups within my church has deeply impacted my relationship with my heavenly father and allowed me to draw closer to other Christians in community, an experience that has been beyond my expectations.  I am so grateful for all of these blessings that the Walk has opened up to me as a part of an amazing community of believers and it has created in me a desire to find ways to give back.  I have been fortunate enough to serve on several walks as an assistant table leader and as an Agape servant.  My goal in serving is to help create and support the HNEC community so those future pilgrims and new 4th Day community members can find God on a whole new level as I did.  I would be honored to serve on the HNEC board and would be cherish the opportunity to back to this amazing community.



Mickie Schindewolf

My name is Mickie Schindewolf.  I went on walk 55 at Kaiserhoff and I sat at the table of Esther in April 2010.  I was raised a Christian and have attended church all my life.  I have been married to my husband for 46 years and we have been members of Foundry UMC for 13 years.  We are also native Houstonians.

When I went on my walk I learned a lot about myself.  I wanted to have a closer relationship with Our Heavenly Father.  I was shy and did not like to be out of my comfort zone.  On my walk I learned that coming out of your comfort zone can have amazing affects on you.

I have served as a day servant, assistant table leader and a table leader.  Every time I serve on a walk my relationship with Christ grows and I want to share this love with others.  

Thank you so much for considering me to serve on the HNEC board.



Andrea Statham

My name is Andrea Statham and I am running for a position on the HNEC Board of Directors.  My first experience was as a Pilgrim on Walk #1332 in 2006 through the Coastal Bend Emmaus Community in Corpus Christi, Texas, sitting at the table of Ruth.  I was enriched and continued to participate, serving on several teams in various positions before moving to Cypress in 2014.  Upon relocating, I was welcomed into the Houston North Emmaus Community and in 2015 began working on various servant and conference room teams.  It was a blessing to become a Lay Director on Walk #103. 

The four-day Emmaus event is more than a spiritual journey for me.  It has been a time for self-examination, to grow as a better disciple, meet new people, and actively reach out as the hands and feet of Christ.  This remains a work in progress as I continue to grow.  The people I have met in this journey are some of my best friends…people whose paths I may not have crossed but for involvement in Emmaus.

My husband and I worship at Good Shepard UMC and we are involved in our Sunday school class.  I participate in Silver Liners, a Christian line dance group, where our ministry is to preform for various senior and assisted living establishments.  I am starting my 5th year in BSF (Bible Study Fellowship).

In short, the Emmaus experience has had a profound impact.  It would be my privilege to serve on the Board and have an opportunity to serve the Emmaus community. Thank you for your consideration.



Walter Balderach

I am Walter Balderach and I am seeking a position on the HNEC Board.  I attended Walk #48 in October, 2008 at Kaiserhof and sat at the table of Matthew. 

It was my goal to work an Emmaus Walk in a different position each year.  From 2009 to 2018 I worked a walk every year but one, getting to know and appreciate each position within a scheduled walk.  Servanthood progression was very important to my spiritual development because I was being transformed by the Emmaus experience to a person with a servant heart!  

In 2018, I was blessed with the opportunity to be the Lay Director for the milestone event, Walk #100!  This was an experience that was, and is, unparalleled in my Christian life!

My wife Nancy and I worship at Atascocita UMC where we are involved in UMM, 4th Day Reunion groups, Bible Study, Water Ministry, Clothes for Homeless Ministry, MYF, Christian education, Sunday School, etc.



Dan Pearce

My name is Dan Pearce, and I went on Emmaus Walk #48 in 2008, sitting at the table of Mark.  This was at a time of self-examination, and it helped propel me forward into true commitment to God.  I still have areas of my life I’m holding back, but he shows those to me on an ongoing basis!  In fact, I’ve been praying for him to show me what else He wants me to do, and I was asked if I would run for the Emmaus Board.  Don’t ask if you’re not willing to respond!

My wife Genie is a prayer warrior, and we have two daughters, a son-in-law, a grandson, a dog, and a cat.  Our daughters are off in Midlothian (Stephanie) and Orem, Utah (Emily), living their own lives.  We worry about them a little, but we’ve given all that to God in prayer, and it seems to work out better that way.  I’m very proud of the whole crew!

We worship at Kingwood UMC, where I am currently serving in Sunday school, Bible studies, liturgy reading, bells, an Emmaus reunion group, and a few other things.  I’m involved in prison ministry, volunteering in the Oaks of Righteousness ministry; Kairos, where I’ve been a week-end leader; mentoring; and Bridges to Life.  I’ve served in Emmaus as a TL, ATL, kitchen helper, Chapel helper, and sponsor, as well as giving various talks.  I retired from teaching middle-school science, and for the last 4 + years have substituted.  In my free time I nap and read.

I have learned that it’s best to let God lead in all things, and be my strength in all things, and I actually let Him lead much of the time.  I’m a work in progress, like everyone I’ve ever known – some more and some less than others.  I’ve also learned that it’s usually best to listen to people, for some have a need to tell their stories, and many know a lot more than I do.  If you elect me to the Board, I will serve humbly with my eyes and ears open.



Wayne Roche

My name is Wayne Roche and I went on Emmaus Walk #1149 at Mt. Wesley in Kerrville, TX in the spring of 2004 and served at the Table of Mark.  Without question this experience was a game changer for me!  Having been raised Catholic, I knew about the Holy Trinity and had an active prayer life but Emmaus opened my eyes to what it means to actively pursue opportunities to pay HIS love forward.  As a result, I have humbly sponsored many men and women and served on Inside Teams on subsequent Walks through the years to include an HNEC Men's Walk led by HNEC Board Member Mr. Doug Spitz. 

In recent years, I have served as a TDCJ Volunteer on four Kairos Prison Ministry Inside Teams assigned to the OL Luther Unit in Navasota which delivers a similar model to Emmaus twice per year to 42 Brothers In White.  I also led the development of a short video promoting the power of attending a Closing Ceremony which is now approved for Kairos international distribution.  I led Kairos Luther #6 last spring and currently serve as the Advising Leader for Kairos Luther #7 on October 17-21 this fall.  I also serve on the Advisory Council for the Luther Kairos effort and will roll off next year.  I deeply encourage all Kairos Volunteers to attend an Emmaus Walk and have opened to door for HNEC representation at Kairos Closing Ceremonies to promote Emmaus to the family members of the Kairos Participants.  I continue to pray for new platforms from which to serve HIS Kingdom and would be grateful to humbly contribute on the HNEC Board.



Todd Sullivan

De Colores!  My name is Todd Sullivan.  I attended my Emmaus walk in April 2005, HNEC Walk #26 and I sat at the table of the Advocate.  My wife, Fiona (HNEC Walk #47), and I attend The Woodlands United Methodist Church and St. Anthony of Padua Catholic Church.  I have two wonderful daughters, Shelby (23) and Ashlyn (19).  For fun, I have taken up running (which I dislike, but it forces me to practice perseverance) and other outdoor activities.

The Walk to Emmaus has had a significant impact on my spiritual and personal life.   One of my favorite verses, Psalm 55:22 was introduced to me during my walk, and has changed my world and those whom I love.  Answering God’s call, knowing that I cannot fail if I am doing his work, takes all the pressure off.  I have recently finished serving as the Lay Director for Walk #105, which was one of the most humbling experiences so far, watching how the Holy Spirit moves through the team, the pilgrims, and for me as well.

As you discern those that you feel are most qualified to serve on the HNEC Board of Directors, I humbly offer myself as your servant.  I offer my ability to emphasize with the pilgrims, enjoying that excitement when they discovered Christ was with them during the breaking of the bread.  In Him,  Todd



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