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Houston North Emmaus Community



2021 Board Election Information
The information below is provided so you can familiarize yourself with the candidates for the HNEC Board of Directors to be elected in October, 2020 (voting will cease at midnight, November 5, 2020).  Seven candidates have been presented, 4 ladies and 3 gentlemen, and 3 candidates of each gender will be elected to serve a 3 year term.  Specific voting information will be provided on the ballot.

When you have familiarized yourself with the candidates, click here to vote online.

The information on the candidates below is not ranked in any manner.  It is presented with the ladies first and with both groups in the time-honored alphabetical order.



Susan Barcus

Hi, My name is Susan Barcus and I attended Houston Emmaus Community Women’s Walk #25 in the fall of 1990.  I am married to my wonderful husband Dan and we have a son, daughter, son-in-law and two grandsons.  Soon after making my walk I filled out an application to serve on a team, secretly telling God I would wash dishes all weekend if that is where I could serve best.  God sent me in as a table leader instead (back then there were not any assistant table  leader positions).  I have served on teams over the past thirty years at all of the different places our community has held walks.  I have been blessed to serve both in the conference room and on outside teams including as a day servant.  For HEC Walk  #166 I was the lay director and I was the third servant team coordinator when that position was instituted for walks.  I still can’t decide which is the most fun!  For the past several years my service to Emmaus has been behind the scenes, making cross lanyards and butterflies as part of the community agape, praying, and attending candlelight or closings when possible.  I am now retired and so perhaps God is opening another door for me to serve.  In the midst of this ongoing pandemic new ways to provide a safe and meaningful walk for all participants is  crucial.  My prayer is that the community will elect the people God wants and that He will be glorified in the work to be done in the coming year!



Laura McMeans

My name is Laura McMeans and I am very excited to be a candidate for your HNEC Board of Directors!

I have been married to a wonderful man for over 17 years and have two beautiful teenage daughters.  I have been serving on Emmaus teams in the HNEC Community for about nine years, and served many weekends in Ohio with the Findlay Area Emmaus and Chrysalis communities there before moving to The Woodlands in 2008.

Emmaus is unique because it goes beyond individual churches and denominations to bring Christ followers together to serve, encourage, love, and grow.  Through Emmaus I have had the opportunity to form friendships and bonds with women I would have likely never met otherwise.  And I appreciate that no matter where I go, there is an Emmaus community nearby where I know I will feel welcomed, just like the HNEC Community welcomed me after moving far away from family and friends ten years ago.   
Thank you very much for your consideration!



Mickie Schindewolf

My name is Mickie Schindewolf.  I went on walk 55 at Kaiserhoff and I sat at the table of Esther in April 2010.  I was raised a Christian and have attended church all my life.  I have been married to my husband for 46 years and we have been members of Foundry UMC for 13 years.  We are also native Houstonians.

When I went on my walk I learned a lot about myself.  I wanted to have a closer relationship with Our Heavenly Father.  I was shy and did not like to be out of my comfort zone.  On my walk I learned that coming out of your comfort zone can have amazing affects on you.

I have served as a day servant, assistant table leader and a table leader.  Every time I serve on a walk my relationship with Christ grows and I want to share this love with others.  

Thank you so much for considering me to serve on the HNEC board.



Margarett Vozar

My name is Margarett Vozar.  I attended Walk #5 at Kickapoo in 2001.  I sat at the table of El Shadai.  Have worked several walks sense then, always coming away with a greater understanding of Jesus and what he wants from me.  On Walk #5, I learned that no matter what I have done or what I have said I am forgiven by a mighty God who gives mercy and grace in all aspects of our lives.  I realized we are wholly and completely loved, no matter what decisions, challenges, or opportunities we experience.  I also learned that the more I study the more I grow closer to Jesus who is a pathway to eternity.  I was given a chance to see what surrender feels like.  I knew, after Walk #5, that love conquers all and God loves us just as we are.

I am married to Tim, my soul mate and best friend, for 24 years.  We have three children who are grown and flourishing and two wonderful grand chillies who bring love and light to our lives continuously.  My profession, of 18 years, as a criminal defense investigator has taught me that all people yearn to be heard and valued.  I specialize in mitigation where I learn the life story of an accused person, humanizing them for the decision makers, the judge and jury.  My gift for empathy and service makes my profession a perfect fit. 

I would like to serve on the HNEC board to give back a fraction of what it has given me.  Emmaus changed my life.  I am hopeful anyone who attends a walk will have a life changing experience, too.  I want to humbly work to help others gain spiritual growth and a stronger relationship with Jesus Christ.



Wayne Roche

My name is Wayne Roche and I went on Emmaus Walk #1149 at Mt. Wesley in Kerrville, TX in the spring of 2004 and served at the Table of Mark.  Without question this experience was a game changer for me!  Having been raised Catholic, I knew about the Holy Trinity and had an active prayer life but Emmaus opened my eyes to what it means to actively pursue opportunities to pay HIS love forward.  As a result, I have humbly sponsored many men and women and served on Inside Teams on subsequent Walks through the years to include an HNEC Men's Walk led by HNEC Board Member Mr. Doug Spitz. 

In recent years, I have served as a TDCJ Volunteer on four Kairos Prison Ministry Inside Teams assigned to the OL Luther Unit in Navasota which delivers a similar model to Emmaus twice per year to 42 Brothers In White.  I also led the development of a short video promoting the power of attending a Closing Ceremony which is now approved for Kairos international distribution.  I led Kairos Luther #6 last spring and currently serve as the Advising Leader for Kairos Luther #7 on October 17-21 this fall.  I also serve on the Advisory Council for the Luther Kairos effort and will roll off next year.  I deeply encourage all Kairos Volunteers to attend an Emmaus Walk and have opened to door for HNEC representation at Kairos Closing Ceremonies to promote Emmaus to the family members of the Kairos Participants.  I continue to pray for new platforms from which to serve HIS Kingdom and would be grateful to humbly contribute on the HNEC Board.



Chris Schreiber

Hi!  I’m Chris Schreiber and I attended HNEC walk #70 in the Fall of 2012.  Like many, the walk revealed what, I mean Who, grace is.  I also left knowing a response to His grace would be my thank you and praise.  I’ve had the joy of sponsoring several pilgrims and participating in reunion groups.  I’ve also been so fortunate to serve on various inside and outside teams, across numerous roles, these past 7 years.  Nothing matches the gratitude of seeing a Pilgrim’s life transformed, and serving beside many of you; you’ve modeled how Jesus leads a community of many to unite and share Him.

Since my walk, I’ve served in several ministries in our church community and our greater Houston community…but each time I come back to Emmaus, the weekends and 4th day re-center and re-charge my love and commitment for Christ.
Our world and circumstances have changed immensely over the past 7 months…but God never changes! Inviting others into the Emmaus experience and our example of a Christ Community, is more important today than ever.  It would be an honor and privilege to serve with the HNEC Board and continue looking for fresh and new ways to invite others to be transformed through a relationship with Jesus.



J. D. Wallace

Hi!  My name is J. D. Wallace, and in March 2014 I attended HNEC Men’s Walk #74 and sat at the table of Matthew.  My walk was transformative for me and really empowered me to take on servanthood opportunities with both courage and humility.  In my Fourth Day, I have been blessed to work on several walk teams, as a chapel servant, assistant table leader, table leader, head chapel servant, and I had been preparing to work on Men’s Walk #107 as an assistant lay director until the walk was canceled due to COVID-19.  I have sponsored 3 pilgrims on their walks and have also volunteered in numerous walk-related community service capacities, including setting up luminaries and directing traffic for Candlelight, serving the snack supper, and working as a day servant.
Since 2008, I have worshipped at The Woodlands United Methodist Church where I am heavily involved in the music ministry, singing in the chancel choir and multiple small ensembles.  My walk experience emboldened me to step outside of that comfortable area of service into an area where, honestly, God had to convince me that I could be effective.  For 6 years now, I have been humbled to serve as a facilitator for one of the GriefShare groups hosted by my church.  There is no better opportunity to emulate Jesus than to shepherd the bereaved as they journey through grief recovery.



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