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2023 Board Election Information
The information below is provided so you can familiarize yourself with the candidates for the HNEC Board of Directors to be elected in November-December, 2022 (voting will cease at midnight, December 11, 2022).  Two candidates have been presented, and they will be elected to serve a 3 year term.  Specific voting information will be provided on the ballot.

When you have familiarized yourself with the candidates, click here to vote online.

The information on the candidates below is not ranked in any manner.  It is presented in the time-honored alphabetical order.



Anna Hoffman

I request everyone’s prayerful consideration to select me to serve in the capacity of Emmaus Board Representative.  I have served two walks on teams and several other walks as a day servant since July 2018, walk 99, when I myself was the pilgrim.  The Emmaus journey is ongoing for me whether serving in my home community, at church or for the Emmaus community.  It is an added joy to serve with fellow Christians.  Looking forward.

My name is Anna Hoffman with heartfelt thanks for your consideration. de Colores



Jennifer Schindewolf

My name is Jennifer Schindewolf and I am running for a position on the HNEC Board of Directors.  My first experience as a Pilgrim was on Walk #99 in 2018 through HNEC, sitting at the table of Naomi.  I have been enriched and continue to participate, serving on several teams in various positions.

The four-day Emmaus event is more than a spiritual journey for me.  It has been a time for self-examination, to grow as a better disciple, meet new people, and actively reach out as the hands and feet of Christ.  This remains a work in progress as I continue to grow.  The people I have met in this journey are people whose paths I may not have crossed but for the involvement in the Emmaus community.  I am actively involved in my Fourth Day Reunion Group.

My husband and I worship at St John Lutheran Church and we are involved in the confirmation class of the 8th graders.  I participate in the Altar Guild, Voices of Saint John (Choir), Sisters in Service (Lutheran Women in Mission), Community Prayer Garden, as well as other activities in around the church.

In short, the Emmaus experience has had a profound impact on my spirituality.  It would be my privilege to serve on the Board and have an opportunity to serve the Emmaus community.  Thank you for your consideration.



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