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Houston North Emmaus Community



Board Members

Houston North Emmaus Community Board Meetings

Board meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at Klein United Methodist Church (5920 FM2920, Spring, TX) from 7:00-9:00 pm.

Fourth Day members are welcome to attend as guests.  If you have concerns that you would like to address with the HNEC Board, you may contact Rick Bruce, Community Lay Director (CommunityLayDirector@hnec.org) at least 48 hours prior to the meeting, and you will be added to the meeting agenda.


Community Chairperson Rick Bruce 713.204.1414 CommunityLayDirector@hnec.org
Assistant Community Chair Tammie Walterbach 936.689.9160 tammielahman@yahoo.com
Past Community Chair Thom Hudson 281.509.1334 thomhudson@sbcglobal.net
Secretary & Gatherings Doug Spitz 713.540.5207 texasspitz@gmail.com
Treasurer Tom Wanamaker 713.302.3805 tkwanamaker@sbcglobal.net
Communications Ed Kelly 832.594.3666 kman@kingwoodcable.net
Community Spiritual Director Rev. Karl Decker 832.717.3630 revkarldecker@gmail.com
Asst. Spiritual Director (1) TBA  
Asst. Spiritual Director (2) TBA    
Agape Donna Drabek 713.398.3028 donnadrabek@sbcglobal.net
Agape Ed Kelly 832.594.3666 kman@kingwoodcable.net
Audio/Visual/CR Display/Website Ray Cox 832.465.2586 coxmr47@gmail.com
Clergy Community Growth Morris Davidson 936.697.2355 morrisd@consolidated.net
Clergy Community Growth Bobby Hantelman 281.744.2253 bhantelman@ferrariofhouston.com
Community Servanthood Mike Allen 713.857.8775 mike.allen99@yahoo.com
Community Servanthood Orpha Haag 713.202.6738 orpha@entouch.net
Community Dev. Outreach Leroy Fronk 281.684.5194 LLFronk@Gmail.com
Community Dev. Comm. Salana Yarger 713.907.1053 Salana.Yarger@att.net
Database/Walk PC Robin Collier 713.305.6323 RobinCollier1031@gmail.com
Documents Tami Hurt 713.898.1121 tami.hurt17@gmail.com
Documents Diana Malin 936.714.1349 dsmalin61@gmail.com
Kitchen Jill Oliver 713.557.4847 jboliver@comcast.net
Kitchen Scotty Scott 832.482.8009 sdscott74@sbcglobal.net
Music Lora Kay Gianardi 281.415.1607 lorakayg@gmail.com
Property Wayne Parcel 832.903.7894 waynealanparcel@gmail.com
Property Kris Duke 281.799.9722 kduke2011@yahoo.com
Registrar Phil Henderson 832.541.3002 registrar@hnec.org
Team Selection Kevin McMachen 832.527.6031 klmcmachen@gmail.com
Team Selection Corey Worthen 281.507.0614 cmworthen@gmail.com
Training Terry Amos 281.358.2097 amosterry@hotmail.com
Training Jill Oliver 713.557.4847 jboliver@comcast.net
Walk Set-Up Coordinator Joe Hudman 713.202.9616 joe.hudman@gmail.com
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