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Houston North Emmaus Community

PO Box 9252
Spring, TX  77387


Board Members

Houston North Emmaus Community Board Meetings

Board meetings are held on the second Tuesday of each month at The Woodlands United Methodist Church from 7:00-9:00 pm.

Fourth Day members are welcome to attend as guests.  If you have concerns that you would like to address with the HNEC Board, you may contact Cindy Van Rensburg, Community Lay Director (cvr2@comcast.net) at least 48 hours prior to the meeting, and you will be added to the meeting agenda.


Community Chairperson Cindy Van Rensburg 832.599.5697 cvr2@comcast.net
Assistant Community Chair Thom Hudson 281.509.1334 thomhudson@sbcglobal.net
Past Community Chair Bobby Hantelman 281.744.2253 bhantelman@ferrariofhouston.com
Secretary & Gatherings Chris Lallier 832.454.6624 chris.lallier.tx@gmail.com
Treasurer Gary Laugharn 832.693.9272 glaugharn@gmail.com
Community Spiritual Director Rev. Chris Harrison 281.358.2137 chris.harrison@kingwoodumc.org
Asst. Spiritual Director (1) Rev. Karl Decker 832.717.3630 revkarldecker@gmail.com
Asst. Spiritual Director (2) Rev. Debbie Drost 936.524.3471 pastordeb2004@yahoo.com
Agape - Internal Susan Bilberry 713.725.3508 susan.bilberry23@gmail.com
Agape - Internal Ed Kelly 832.594.3666 kman@kingwoodcable.net
Community Servanthood Leslie Townsend 281.381.5496 letown01@hotmail.com
Community Servanthood Orpha Haag 713.202.6738 orpha@entouch.net
Community Development Peter Eckdahl 334.467.4114 peckdahl@aol.com
Community Development John Follis 832.434.4170 johnfollis@att.net
Community Dev. Outreach Gerald Pommier 713.894.2835 gwp@staks.com
Database Manager Morris Davidson 936.697.2355 morrisd@suddenlink.net
Kitchen Stephanie Brassovan 281.753.9041 sbrassovan@gmail.com
Kitchen John Follis 832.434.4170 johnfollis@att.net
Music Dan Spencer 713.416.6389 redman6116@sbcglobal.net
Property Randy Jones 214.212.7793 randyjones43@consolidated.net
Property Beverly Gault 317.696.7592 beverly0322@ameritech.net
Publications/Communications Ed Kelly 832.594.3666 kman@kingwoodcable.net
Registrar Phil Henderson 832.541.3002 registrar@hnec.org
Team Selection Robin Collier 713.305.6323 RobinCollier1031@gmail.com
Team Selection Greg Benge 281.725.2426 greg.benge@visualutions.com
Training and Documentation Kristi Spencer 281.797.2284 txagmum06@sbcglobal.net
Training and Documentation Tami Hurt 713.898.1121 tami.hurt17@gmail.com
Walk Set-Up Coordinator Rick Bruce 713.204.1414 hnec.setup@gmail.com
Walk Site Construction Chuck Abernathy 713.824.7245 Chuck4fans@aol.com
Audio/Visual/CR Display/Website Ray Cox 832.465.2586 coxmr47@gmail.com
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