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Community Servanthood

Fourth Day Community Servanthood Opportunities

Descriptions of the Community Servanthood opportunities available for each Walk are shown below.  REMEMBER:  You can sign up as individuals, reunion groups, groups of Emmaus friends, family groups, or church Fourth Day Emmaus groups.  Don't let the total number required for each event intimidate you!  Sign up as an individual or for the number of volunteers that your group is providing and others can sign up to fill in any gaps.

The link to our Community Servanthood signup page will be available as soon as the 2020 walk signups are available.

A Sales Tax Exemption Certificate is available for Servanthood groups that need to purchase supplies in direct support of their HNEC activities.


Descriptions of Areas of Service

Thursday Snack Supper (instructions  signup)
Requirement:  6-8 people
Arrival time:  5:00 pm
Task:  Provide light supper for team and arriving pilgrims and sponsors

Saturday Agape Dinner (instructionsplanning template - signup)
Requirement:  12-16 people
Arrival time:  3:30 for decorations; 4:30 for food preparation, serving of food, and clean-up
Task:  Provide special Agape Dinner for pilgrims and team.  Fourth Day persons from multiple churches can join together.  Partial crews can be handled by our sign-up page.

Saturday Candlelight Parking Attendants (instructions - signup)
Requirement:  4-6 people
Arrival time:  7:15 pm
Task:  Direct traffic to designated parking areas.

Saturday Candlelight Luminary Team (instructions - signup)
Requirement:  6-8 people
Arrival time:  7:00 pm
Task:  Set up luminaries for pilgrim arrival and take down after Candlelight is finished.

Saturday Candlelight Service Team (instructions - signup)
Requirement:  6-8 people
Arrival time:  6:30 pm
Tasks:  Set up the Fourth Day service area in the Dining Hall; serve as ushers; hand out candles and then collect them; assist in taking down chairs in the Dining Hall after the Fourth Day service.

Rose Providers (instructions - signup)
Requirement:  Individual or small group
Arrival time:  Saturday night or early Sunday morning
Task:  Bring 4 dozen (48) roses to Kaiserhof to be handed out to pilgrims, table leaders, and assistant table leaders in their rooms prior to breakfast on Sunday morning.

Sunday Moving Cleanup (instructions - signup)
Requirement:  4-5 people
Arrival time:  1:30 pm
Task:  Move kitchen supplies from the dining hall to the property room; move agape supplies from the inn to property room; and assist the servant team in the cleanup of Kaiserhof.

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