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Reunion Group Information

Refer to the list below to find a reunion group in your area.

To have your reunion group added to this page, send us an email with the following information:

Day of the week
Men / Women / Both
Specific location (address, restaurant, church, home) City
Contact person(s)

Houston North Emmaus Community cannot guarantee the accuracy of the Reunion Group information, since the list is only as good as the updates provided by our Community members.

Please send any requested additions, deletions, or corrections to your reunion group listing to communications@hnec.org!

Reunion Groups
(Updated May 2022)

Most Reunion groups are open to additional members.  A few groups feel that their attendance is at the maximum that they can support.  Any group that is currently at their maximum allowed capacity is indicated by an asterisk (*) after the meeting time.
Day Time Men/
Location City Contact(s) Contact 1 Contact 2
MON 6:00am Men Denny's-290 @
Spring Cypress
Cypress Bill Maloney 281.373.5236  
MON 6:30am Men Randalls' Twn Ctr.
Lake Houston Pkwy
Kingwood Purvis Harper 281.359.5535 email
MON 8:15am Women La Madeline Kingwood Kathy Carroll 281.359.1869 email
MON 8:30am Women 1st UMC Huntsville – Coffee Room
1st Mon of month
Huntsville Beth Strange 936.439.5756 email
MON 10:00am Women Randall's Bakery-WestLake Houston Pkwy Humble/
Mary Lallier 281.812.2263   
MON 1:00pm Women The Woodlands UMC The Woodlands  Janet Simon 281.298.9094 email
1 & 3
3:00pm* Women Swanny’s Grill Houston Janet Chenoweth 713.203.0268  
MON 3:30pm Women John Wesley UMC (Simply Abundant Women) Houston Karen Greco 281.444.6822  
MON 4:00pm Women 1st Presbyterian Church Conroe Martha Haines 936.760.2260  
MON 5:00pm Women Jones & 1960 coffee house Houston Laura Haley 832.573.2976  
MON 5:00pm Women FUMC Conroe Juanita Andrus 936.231.3522  
MON 6:00pm Women 1st Presbyterian Church Conroe DeLynn Keathley 936.756.0795  
MON 6:00pm Women Homes The Woodlands Kathy Collins 832.515.5597  
MON 6:00pm Women North Cypress Medical Center, Main Area (290@Huffmeister) Cypress Leta Wilhite 281.890.6847  
MON 6:00pm Women Starbucks - Panther Creek The Woodlands Leslie Townsend 281.381.5496  
MON 6:00pm Women The Woodlands UMC Allen Parlor The Woodlands Glenda Hudson 281.367.9155  
MON 6:00pm Men FUMC Conroe Gary Cluck 936.588.6309  
MON 6:00pm Men North Cypress Medical Center, behind the cafe (290@Huffmeister) Cypress Nick Wilhite (Foundry UMC) 281.890.6847 email
MON 6:30pm Women Kingwood UMC Kingwood Lynn Harper 281.359.5535 email
MON 6:30pm Women Lake Houston UMC Huffman Tiffani Whitaker 713.530.6036 email
MON 7:00pm Women Culver’s-Old Atascocita
and Timber Forest
Lorrie Beasley 713.205.0335  
MON 7:00pm Both Homes Cypress Randy Mikel 832.282.4638  
MON 7:00pm Women Home Kingwood Lee Randolph 281.359.4898  
MON 7:00pm Women Good Shepherd UMC Cypress Noreen Kennedy 281.373.5468 281.373.2273
2 & 4
7:00pm Women Home Spring Judy Lee 832.630.3822  
MON 7:00pm Men Good Shepherd UMC Cypress Mike Kennedy 281.373.5468  
MON 7:30pm Men Starbucks-Hwy 290 @ Jones Road Houston Matt Blake 281.894.8393  
TUE 7:00am Men IHOP The Woodlands Paul Pinnicks 281.367.3901  
TUE 7:00am Men IHOP @ Wilcrest & I-10 Houston/Katy Sam Wiley 281.858.1170  
TUE 9:00am Women Cypress Trophies on Cypress North Houston Cypress Sarah Holbrook 281.213.9462  
TUE 9:00am Women  Kingwood UMC Kingwood Carol Sloane 281.358.2635 email
TUE 9:00am Men 2207 Hickory Park Kingwood Bill Elliott 281.360.8890 email
TUE 11:30am Both Downtown Centerpoint Energy Houston Bud Simmons 281.360.8230 email
TUE 2:00pm Women Home Cypress Katrina Epps 281.304.9554  
TUE 6:00pm Women Cypress UMC Cypress Kathi Bethscheider 713.962.4127  
TUE 6:00pm Men Clays BBQ; Clay Road Houston Wayne Roche 281.451.5988 email
TUE 6:30pm Men Atascocita UMC Humble Cliff Bodin 713.870.5715 email
TUE 6:15pm Women Foundry UMC Houston Amy Sykes 281.225.6390  
TUE 6:30pm Women Lake Houston UMC Huffman Janie Webster 281.324.2635  
TUE 6:30pm Women Atasscocita UMC Humble Carol Bodin 713.870.5704 email
TUE 7:00pm Women Klein UMC Klein Karen Guiles 517.648.4159 email
TUE 7:00pm Men McDonalds, 5905 FM 2920 Klein Earl Dague 832.594.6349 email
TUE 7:00pm Men 5054 Fallen Oaks (near 290 & Antoine) Houston Ed Flores 713.686.5788  
TUE 7:00pm Men Lakewood UMC Cypress Don McGuffin 281.890.4646  
TUE 7:30pm Men  Hardie Davis home Kingwood David Hatcher 281.812.8823  
TUE 7:30pm Men Home - 14 S. Highland Ct. The Woodlands  Bob Gronberg  713.206.4415  
WED 6:00am Men Panera Bread/290 Houston Kevin Mirasola 281.304.4483  
WED 6:00am Men  Kettle Restaurant The Woodlands Bob Huck 281.367.9660  
WED 6:15am Men Brooklyn Bagels - Panther Creek The Woodlands Bob Bruce & Rich Cox 281.292.4594
WED 7:00am Men Denny’s on Louetta Cypress John Kenyon 281.251.8761  
WED 7:00am Men Brooklyn Bagels - FM242 The Woodlands Phil Pauze 936.321.4887  
WED 8:30am Women Forest Cove Baptist Church Humble Leanne Dry 281.852.5030  
WED 11:30am Men-
Emmaus & Kairos
Denny's - 1960 at 290 Houston Allen Rice 281.813.0093 email
WED 4:30pm Women Springwoods UMC Spring Margo Gilless 281.251.1191  
WED 4:30pm Women The Woodlands UMC Lennox Parlor The Woodlands Deborah Lenz 713.480.5690 email
WED 4:30pm Men Ecclesia, 1100 Elder Houston Chris Lallier 832.454.6624 email
WED 5:00pm Women Starbucks - Jones Rd @ 249 Cypress Nancy Whitehead 832.237.4136  
WED 5:30pm* Couples The Woodlands UMC Allen Parlor The Woodlands Peter & Pat Eckdahl 936.597.8799 email
WED 5:30pm Women Strawbridge UMC Kingwood Shirin Taylor 832.333.0505  
WED 5:30pm Men Strawbridge UMC Kingwood Robert Kent 281.360.2886  
WED 6:00pm Women First United Methodist Church, Room 222 Humble   281.446.2332  
WED 6:00pm Women Tomball UMC - Library Tomball Bambi McWhorter 281.257.1836  
WED 6:00pm Men North Cypress Medical Center lobby (290 @ Huffmeister) Cypress Nick Wilhite or Robert Rohde (Foundry UMC) 281.890.6847
WED 6:00pm Men Starbucks - Tomball Parkway Tomball Goran Haag 281.320.8064  
WED 6:30pm Men Denny's - FM 2920 at TC Jester Spring John Hall 281.204.7291  
WED 7:00pm Women FUMC-Humble Humble Patty Hirst 281.528.9477  
WED 7:00pm Women 3219 Village Falls Court Kingwood Genie Pearce 281.358.3657 email
WED  7:00pm Women  2311 Parkdale Dr. Kingwood Charlotte Anthony 281.358.8410 email
WED  7:00pm Men 4006 Buckeye Creek Rd. Kingwood Richard Whittier 281.358.6459 email
WED  7:00pm Men 1815 Chestnut Grove Lane Kingwood Doug Chapman 281.360.7684 email
WED 7:30pm Women Central Baptist Church Livingston Henri Kennedy 936.365.4504  
WED 8:30pm Women The Woodlands UMC The Woodlands Lois Decker 281.367.3802  
THU 6:00am Men Brooklyn Bagel Café - Panther Creek Shopping Center The Woodlands Gary Walston 713.444.0490 email
1 & 3
7:00am Men Chick-fil-a Research Forest Dr. The Woodlands Kris Tesh 281.746.5053 email
THU 7:00am Men Cracker Barrel,
Hwy 59
Kingwood Charles Cunningham 281.361.7397 email
THU 7:00am Men IHOP @ I-45 The Woodlands Woody Wilbur 936.447.4150  
THU 7:00am Men Denny's FM 1960 Atascocita Don McMath 281.812.2725 email
THU 7:00am Men Kroger Starbucks Alden Bridge The Woodlands John Buckley   email
THU 8:00am Men Atascocita UMC Humble Billy Riggs 832.588.8141  
THU 9:00am Women Riverside UMC - Every other Thursday Houston Ann Austin or June White 936.594.3202
THU 9:00am Women Good Shepherd UMC Cypress Phyllis Hamilton 281.794.1936 email
THU 9:15am Women McDonalds @ Hwy 1960/290 Houston Deanna Gau 281.890.0547  
THU 10:15am Women Atascocita UMC Atascocita Carol Bodin 713.870.5704  
THU 5:00pm Women Klein UMC Klein Elizabeth Ruysschaert 832.244.9783 email
THU 5:15pm Men 3303 FM 1960 Houston Red Purdum 281.864.6053  
THU 5:30pm Women Strack Farms Spring Dee Ferris 281.353.4585  
THU 6:00pm Women Contact Stephanie for location. The Woodlands Stephanie Brassovan 281.292.2417  
THU 6:15pm Women Black-Eyed Pea The Woodlands Sharon McMillan 281.357.8157  
THU 6:30pm Men Denny's - Research Forest The Woodlands John W. Hall 281.204.7291 email
THU 7:00pm Men-
Prison ministry
The Woodlands UMC The Woodlands Cam Collins 832.515.8494 email
THU 7:00pm Men Home New Waverly Alan Burd 936.344.6854  
THU 7:00pm Men Panera's Hwy 59 & Northpark Kingwood Ralph Randolph 281.359.4898 email
THU 7:00pm Women John Wesley UMC Houston Jill Davis 281.355.0152  
THU 7:00pm Both Various area restaurants Conroe Cindy Hinson 936.441.9893
THU 7:00pm Men Denny's Hwy 249 & Gessner Houston Chris Kochenower 713.204.1592  
FRI 6:00am Men Denny's - 290 & 1960 Houston Mike Jackson 281.373.1729  
FRI 6:30am Women Denny's - Highway 1960 and 290 Houston Debbie Kennedy 281.370.6966  
FRI 6:30am Men Spring Woods UMC Spring John Follis 832.434.4170  
FRI 7:00am Women Home - 142 April Wind East Conroe (April Sound) Julia Miller 936.588.3533 email
FRI 7:15am Women Einstein Bagels - 529 & Hwy 6 Houston Deborah Keeter 281.859.4141  
FRI 7:45am Women La Madeline Kingwood Janell O'Shea 281.361.0606 email
FRI 8:00am Women Home Willis Teresa Roberts 936.856.3099  
FRI 8:00am Women Bake Shoppe Cypress Nancy Henderson 281.464.3384  
FRI 8:00am Women Northeast Christian Academy Kingwood Gayle Hanz 281.812.1047  
FRI 8:30am* Couples Homes - Bentwater/April Sound Montgomery/ Conroe Chuck Abernathy 936.449.6450  
FRI 9:15am Women The Woodlands UMC Cry Room The Woodlands Linda Duff 713.412.5301 email
FRI 9:15am Women Einstein Bagels-529 & Hwy 6 Houston Tami Mirasola 713.896.4310  
FRI 10:00am Women TWUMC Café The Woodlands Lisa Blanchard   email
FRI 11:30am Women Luby's - I-10 and Beltway 8 Houston Lynda Jackson   email
FRI 11:30am Women multiple Huffman Brenda Paulk 713.502.7484 email
FRI Noon Women Ku Fim Restaurant Houston Anna Rodriquez 713.453.5843  
FRI 12:30pm Women various restaurants Jersey Village/ Cypress/ 290 area Kathy Hinkle 713.703.0207 email
FRI 6:00pm Men 59 Diner - Willowbrook Houston Wayne Lind 281.444.7448  
FRI 6:30pm Both Cypress UMC Cypress Janice Haddad 281.894.0829  
FRI 6:30pm Men Denny's - 290 & Hollister Houston Jason Epps 713.254.8792  
SAT 6:00am Men Starbuck's Kingwood Joel Zalewski 281.361.7860  
SAT 7:00am Women Sheila Partin’s Bakery Houston Ann Kurio 713.461.3900  
SAT 7:00am Men 59 Diner @ 249 & Gessner Houston Kirk Smith 281.379.5993  
SAT 7:30am* Men Black Walnut Cafe The Woodlands Stoney Burke 713.829.6644 email
SAT 7:30am Men IHOP, I-45 Feeder The Woodlands Brian Cruickshank 281.541.4433 email
SAT 8:00am Women Star Café Huffman Robin Collier 281.360.7860  
SAT 8:30am Women What-A-Burger - Hiway 249 Tomball Bambi McWhorter 281.257.1836 email
SAT 9:00am Women Magnolia Tea Room - First Street Humble Terry Harris 281.731.6381  
SAT 9:30am* Women Brooklyn Bagel @ Panther Creek Shopping Ctr. The Woodlands Mary S. O. 281.363.0711  
SAT 9:30am Women Panera Bread,
1448 Louetta Rd.
The Woodlands Robin Castro 281.543.0206 email
SAT am Women Contact Cindy for time and location The Woodlands Cindy Van Rensberg   email
SUN 7:30am Women Kingwood UMC Kingwood Rebecca Quantz 281.435.2767 email
SUN 7:30am Men Kingwood UMC Kingwood Laura Pollard 832.567.7990  
SUN 9:00am Women Cypress Trails UMC Spring Ellen Alfar   email
SUN 5:00pm Men John Wesley UMC Houston Daryl Wendt 281.370.4733  
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