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2023 HNEC Board contact for Team Selection:

   Lora Kay Gianardi:  281.415.1607  lorakayg@gmail.com
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The Purpose of Emmaus Team Service

The purpose of the Walk to Emmaus is to renew the church as the body of Christ through the strengthening of Christians as faithful and committed disciples of Jesus Christ.  One way to participate in the renewal of the body of Christ is through Emmaus Team Service.  Serving others as they experience the love of Christ can renew and strengthen one’s relationship with Christ in meaningful ways. 
Team Service FAQs

1.  What are the various types of team service?

In the Houston North Emmaus Community, each Walk has ONE TEAM with MULTIPLE MEMBERS, who have designated roles and differing responsibilities, ALL WORKING TOGETHER IN UNITY.  No one team member is any more, or any less, important than any other (there is no "I" in "TEAM").  The descriptions below provide information as to the specific responsibilities. 

Day Servants
Kitchen, Chapel, and Agape Servants who work just one day at a time.  For many people who cannot commit the time to an entire weekend, being a Day Servant is an excellent way to serve.  Both males and females can serve as Day Servants on ANY Walk; the only constraint is that opposite genders are never assigned as Agape Day Servants due to the requirement of being in the lodging area.

Full Weekend Team
The full weekend team is composed of persons assigned to the Conference Room and to the Servant Team.

The Conference Room
Lay Director, Assistant Lay Directors, Spiritual Director, Assistant Spiritual Directors, Musicians, Table Leaders, Assistant Table Leaders, Board Representative, and Visiting Clergy.  Conference Room team members are required to attend up to 25 hours of team formation prior to the Walk weekend.

The Servant Team
Servant Team Coordinator (STC), Agape Servants, Chapel Servants, and Kitchen Servants.  Servant Team members are required to attend only a few hours of training and information sessions prior the Walk, as directed by the HNEC Board and/or the STC.
2.  How are persons asked or selected to serve on a team?

Full weekend teams are selected by the Team Selection committee, which is made up of two Board members who serve as co-chairs of the committee, along with six members of the Houston North Emmaus Fourth Day community:  three men and three women. These Fourth Day members serve rotating three-year terms, in order to provide continuity in the selection process.

Team selection begins 16 to 18 weeks before a Walk weekend.  This committee works with the weekend Lay Director and Servant Team Coordinator, along with the community Spiritual Director, to select the names to be called for a team.  Names are accessed from the community database, from team interest forms submitted (see FAQ #3 below), or by persons suggested by members of the Committee.

The Team Selection Committee prays about each Walk weekend, asking for God to guide the selection process.  The use of a committee provides a broader awareness of prospective team members and their gifts, which helps the team selection process move beyond the limited circle of the friends and acquaintances of the Lay Director and Servant Team Coordinator.  The Committee provides continuity in the selection process from Walk to Walk and provides guidance on developing new Emmaus leaders through progressive servanthood.

NOTE: You will NOT NECESSARILY be placed on the list of candidates or called for Walk team service upon indicating your interest.  However, if you do NOT indicate your interest in team service via the form or via an email notification, your chances of being selected are diminished!  So if you are waiting to be called, take time to let the HNEC Board know you would like to serve.

3.  How do I express my interest in serving on a weekend Emmaus team?

a.  Complete the "Team Service Interest" online form.


b.  Fill out the paper form:
- Open up the "Team Service Interest Form".
- Print out or refer to the form.
- Fill out the form and mail it by “snail mail” to HNEC (address is indicated on the form.)
- Fill out the form, scan and send via email to teamselection@hnec.org

c.  As per the questions on the form, simply type an email to teamselection@hnec.org to indicate your interest and availability.

4.  What if I want to work as a Day Servant?

The process is a little different from that of full weekend team service.  The Servant Team Coordinator (STC) for each Walk is primarily responsible for finding and coordinating the Day Servant team.

To indicate your interest in serving as a Day Servant:

a.  Open up the "Day Servant Application".
b.  Print out or refer to the form.
c.  Fill it in and mail it by “snail mail” to HNEC (address is indicated on the form.)

If you know the STC for the Walk(s) you want to work, send the form directly to him/her, or send an email to the STC containing the information requested on the form.  If you don't know the STC, send your email form to communications@hnec.org.  Your information will be forwarded to the STC for the Walk that you indicate.

5.  What if I express my interest in team service and I don't get called?

Remember that it is God who ultimately calls and selects team members for each Walk.  If He wants you on a Walk team, you will be there!

Keep "the numbers" in mind:
- Our community has over 3,000 members.
- Our community conducts 5 or 6 Walks per year at 35 team members per team.
- This means that a maximum of 210 people per year will serve on Walk teams for the full weekend.
- In addition, 2/3 of the team members are repeat team members, so only about 70 persons per year will be selected for first-time team service.

If you do not get called for team service, remember that there are MANY OTHER WAYS to participate in Emmaus activities.
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