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AGAPE - is the Greek term for "love:  the highest form of love, charity; the love of God for man and of man for God.  One way our HNEC can express this agape love is through the giving of physical gifts during each of the six Walks in 2017. 

1.  Internal/Table Agape & Pillow Agape - Items that are made and provided by churches, reunion groups, and individual Fourth Day members.  (Please refrain from labeling agape provided by individuals.  Church and reunion group labels are permitted.)

The official HNEC standard agape quantity is 50 pieces.  This covers the pilgrims (36) and table leaders/assistant table leaders (12) who are in the guest rooms with the pilgrims and 2 spares for contingencies.  It is recommended that a few extra pieces be included in case items get misplaced or broken.

If you would like for the entire walk team and pilgrims to receive agape, please provide 80 pieces.  This covers everyone, including the 50 mentioned above.

2.  Snack Agape - Food and beverages given for the pilgrims and team members.

The Agape Servants and Servant Team Coordinator for each Walk are responsible for collecting snack agape.  Notification will be sent to the Fourth Day requesting these items.

3.  External, or Standard Agape - Specific homemade items that are provided by the 4th Day Community Volunteers for each Walk.

All Walks:
Wooden dove name tags (40)
Cords/Lanyards for doves (40)
Cords/Lanyards for Emmaus crosses (40)
Book covers (40)

Womens' Walks only:
Caterpillars (40)
Butterflies (40)
Halos (60)

Questions about agape?  Contact:
   Jennifer Schindewolf:  832.477.7001, robinson.jennifer23@yahoo.com or
   Mickie Schindewolf:  832.418.3132, mschindewolf@gmail.com  
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