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Houston North Emmaus Community



2022 Board Election Information
The information below is provided so you can familiarize yourself with the candidates for the HNEC Board of Directors to be elected in November-December, 2021 (voting will cease at midnight, December 7, 2021).  Six candidates have been presented, 3 ladies and 3 gentlemen, and 3 candidates of each gender will be elected to serve a 3 year term.  Specific voting information will be provided on the ballot.

When you have familiarized yourself with the candidates, click here to vote online.

The information on the candidates below is not ranked in any manner.  It is presented with the ladies first and with both groups in the time-honored alphabetical order.



LoraKay Gianardi

Hello my name is LoraKay Gianardi.  I went on my walk in 2011 and sat at the table of Mary.  I am a wife of 19 years to my husband Peter.  We have 4 beautiful children, Forrest, Michael, Sophia, & Leona.  I have been an elementary teacher for 8 years.  The walk to Emmaus changed my life in such a way that my husband took notice and decided to go on his walk a year later.  After going on my walk I also decided I wanted to give back in anyway I could, whether it be working a full walk or volunteering as a day servant.  I have been the musician rep for the past 4 years and have enjoyed being a part of this team.  I would like to become part of the elected board to help serve this community more.



Sally Henderson

My name is Sally Henderson.  I went on HNEC Walk 46 in April of 2008 and sat at the table of Naomi.  Since my walk I have served walks annually since 2009.  Most recently I served as Lay Director for Walk 109, September 30, 2021.  I have served as a day servant in agape and full walks in chapel, kitchen, and conference including Heads in Chapel, Kitchen, and Table Leader as well as back table positions.  Emmaus gives me the opportunity to pass on the love God showered on me during my walk.  I have witnessed His Presence in awesome and even unexplainable ways.

I am a retired teacher (28 years) in the Klein/ Spring area.  My husband Phil and I have been married 23 years and are about to graduate our oldest daughter from high school.  Both girls have been a joy and gift from God.  A Christian by faith and Methodist by trade, we have attended Christ Church UMC in the Woodlands since Oct. 2002.  Phil & I are active members in the Bluebonnet Squares square dance club.  

I am a forgiven sinner.  As a teacher, I’ve learned that you can fail forward and I have honed my communication skills with thousands of parent phone calls and emails.  Planning creates joy for me and experience in teaching, leading Emmaus Walks and serving with Phil as officers in our square dance club has taught me how to scrap those plans and pivot to fit whatever reality or God planned.   

I am grateful for the support of the HNEC board in the last several years and hope I can support future walks through service on the board.  

Thank you for your consideration, 
Sally Henderson



Tami Webb

My name is Tami Webb.  I have been involved with the Emmaus community for over 28 years.  I was blessed to be on Walk #298 in Kerrville, TX, in May of 1993.  Sharing my story has been a highlight for me along with sponsoring many pilgrims over these years.  I remain active in various reunion groups while attending the Harvest Service at The Woodlands Methodist Church in which I meet weekly with my reunion groups.  In addition, I serve on the prayer team at the Lone Star Cowboy Church where I am active in a Life Group, as well as Hope and Healing for Warriors.
I work full time as the Vice President of Sales with United Solutions Company.  I have served in the banking software industry for over 30 years.  I enjoy my family and traveling.  I have two married sons, a wonderful 9 year old grandson and am excited about welcoming another grandchild in 2022.
I truly believe my Emmaus experience changed my life and outlook of everyday living.  I share the importance of staying active in the Emmaus Community and a reunion group with all that I encounter.  I would be honored to represent our Emmaus Community by serving on the board.
Thank you!

Chris Blume

My name is Chris Blume.  I attended walk #74 (I like to call The Walk out of Time) in March 2014.  I would have to say the Walk to Emmaus was a huge development with my relationship with my Lord, my wife, my children, my friends and my family.  I still look at it as if it was the first time I experienced that Joy that passes all understanding and the first time I had God talk directly into my heart.

Since then I have had the blessing of being able to volunteer for multiple walks in many different capacities…every walk had its own character, its own charm and introduced me to many more brothers and sisters in Christ.

I was asked to serve on the Board several times in the past.  In my heart it never felt right at the time and I thought it would interfere with my time of servanthood during walks.  But this time it was different… I felt a movement in my heart I can only describe as being from God.  The timing felt right, the person who asked me felt right…

When I went on my walk I was told “Don’t anticipate, Don’t Worry, just sit back and let God guide you”.  I feel it is the same here.  I don’t have any preconceived notions or desires with this nomination, as I am on walks, I am here to serve… I just want to be available in whatever capacity God needs/wants me.

Thank you



James Deitiker

My name is James Deitiker.  My journey with God starts at a young age.  However, my best 10 years with our LORD started on Walk 64.  I find myself continually blessed and increasingly joyful.  The blessings include being on Walk teams six times and sponsoring four Pilgrims.  The joy comes with a growing love for God and my neighbors.  And I am privileged to bear witness to miracles and changed lives because Jesus is working through the Houston North Emmaus Community.

The best thing I bring to the board is my enthusiasm for Walk to Emmaus events and a lively Fourth Day Community.  I hope to be part of God’s plan for developing and promoting community events for the benefit of his Kingdom.  I look forward to growing and witnessing in Christ as a board member.



Goran Haag

My name is Goran Haag.  I grew up in Stockholm, Sweden, and my wife and I arrived in Houston, TX January 1986.  Growing up in Sweden gave me a different view of how Christianity can be organized, as at that time, the Lutheran Church was the state church, and regardless of affiliation, everyone automatically became a member of the church when they were born and one could only leave it after the age of 18.  The good thing was that all the way through elementary school, we received Christian education one hour every day.  However, seeing how a mandatory church membership can often alienate people, I am definitely in favor of separation of church and state.  I was mostly unchurched growing up, but all that changed in late 1984 when I met my wonderful wife, Orpha.  We worked in the same company in the Philippines and she was an ordained Methodist deaconess there.  With her strong faith, she slowly but surely made me more and more engaged in the church.

In the late 90’s/early 20’s I did the Disciple Study that was lead by Bud Elkins at Klein UMC.  He later sponsored my Walk, which was Walk 14 held on the Father’s Day weekend of 2003.  That Walk changed my life a lot, and I became much more involved in church activities after that.  I taught two separate groups the Disciple Study at our former church (Tomball UMC) and I also became a leader for Stephen Ministry.  I also served on the board of Emmaus between 2003 – 2007, taking care of the database.  I have worked many walks and I was also asked to serve as Lay Director in the spring of 2015 for Walk 82.  My wife and I are members of Woodlands UMC, a church that we have really made our home.  I wish we had known much earlier what a great church it is, but as they say, better late than never.

I am in a phase in my life now where I want to continue to serve in any capacity I feel am being called to, so when I was asked to serve on the board again, I happily answered yes.”



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