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The Walk to Emmaus

"Now on that same day two of them were going to a village called Emmaus.  While they were talking and discussing, Jesus himself came near and went with them...their eyes were opened, and they recognized him; and he vanished from their sight.  They said to each other, 'Were not our hearts burning within us while he was talking to us on the road, while he was opening the scriptures to us?' "

The Gospel of Luke 24:13, 15, 31-32

Coming Events

July 26 - 7:45pm - Women's Walk #99 Send-Off/Sponsor's Hour
July 28 - 8:00pm - Women's Walk #99 Candlelight
July 29 - 4:00pm - Women's Walk #99 Closing

Community Chairperson Message

Good Job Community — Keep It Up!

The newness of another Easter blesses our lives.  Thank you Lord for Jesus his birth, life, death and resurrection!

Now we are well into the 2018 season!  We fell a little short of a full house on the Men’s Spring Walk, 30+.  But it was a terrific walk, with all the right people on it.  At the time of this writing, we have a waiting list for Women’s Walk 98 that starts later this week.  Hopefully that ensures a full walk.

The three focus areas we communicated for this year and asked your commitment for, continue to be:
  1. Boldly extend personal invite to loved ones, fill the Walks
  2. Pray regularly for the Emmaus ministry, leadership, and pilgrims
  3. Participate with your support and service of an Emmaus Walk

I personally was blessed by having my son-in-law attend the Men’s Walk.  I have to confess I was a little apprehensive about inviting him.  Turns out it “blessed his socks off” and has him directed to seek out opportunities for spiritual growth.  Isn’t that how it so often works?  As I was reflecting on his going on the walk, one of his letter writers sent me a note thanking me for sponsoring and saying how much she felt my son-in-law would enjoy the experience.  She was right on the mark.

Another blessing, was five newly returned veterans who came on the walk with us.  In addition to the obvious joy of having these men, it was great to have the youth and enthusiasm that came with them.  We hope to have a couple of other servicemen walk with us in the Fall.

Thanks for your boldness in asking friends and family to go on an Emmaus Walk.  Others have shared with me that they were a little surprised at those folks who have said “Yes” to experiencing an Emmaus Walk.  Stay Bold!

We continue to need your prayers for the ministry , leadership and pilgrims.  Thirty-six new ladies will take the 72 hour walk this upcoming weekend.  Your prayers have nurtured the team members, pilgrims and community in general ready for another walk.  The big payoff is what happens when the Holy Spirit moves the ladies who attend and/or work on the walk.  We know from experience that Miracles will be done on this weekend.  Keep all in your prayers.  Stay prayerfully vigilant.

Participation and service has been improving.  Keep it up.  There are only a few opportunities for service left open for the Women’s Walk.  That is a testimony to your willingness to step forward and experience the Joy of serving our Lord and the Community.  Lord help us view our service, not as an obligation, but as an opportunity to serve you and our brothers and sisters, and to experience the fullness of the Joy you intend for us.

Don’t be sad though.  There are still plenty of opportunities for service on future walks.  That means joy for all.  Thanks for your commitment and service.

PS---We have more chairs at candlelight and closings.  Plan a renewal experience with another couple.  Go have a nice meal, then join us in reliving you’re your candlelight experience and praising the Lord.  Your recollections enrich the candlelight experience for us all.


2018 Walk Dates
Walk Date
Men's Walk #94
  Pilgrims:  31
March 22 - 25
Women's Walk #98
  Pilgrims:  36
April 12 - April 15
Women's Walk #99
  Pilgrims Registered:  18

Prayer Vigil
July 26 - 29
Men's Walk #100
  Pilgrims Registered:  9

Prayer Vigil
September 20 - 23
Women's Walk #101
  Pilgrims Registered:  7

Prayer Vigil
September 27 - 30

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