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Houston North Emmaus Community



Team Service Interest Form
If you have attended a Walk to Emmaus or equivalent 3-day spiritual renewal weekend, and you are interested in serving on an Emmaus team in our community, we want to hear from you! To begin, check the applicable box below.*
 I have served previously on an Emmaus team.
 This would be my first time on an Emmaus team.
Please check the box below if you submitted your name last year but did not receive a call.
Your First Name*
Your Last Name*
Indicate if you are a layperson or clergy*
Your email address*
Best phone number to reach you*
Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy)*
Type of 3-day Weekend you attended (Emmaus, Cursillo, Tres Dias, etc.), Walk #, Walk Date, and Community*
Your current church*
Please provide details of your availability--Walks / times of year that are best for you or that are NOT best for you.*
If you play a musical instrument, would you be willing to serve as a musician on an Emmaus Walk team?
If you answered "yes" to the question above, please indicate what musical instrument(s) you play.
As you consider Emmaus team service, please pray about the following items. The commitment of team members is vital to the spiritual success of each Walk. If you accept the call to team service, you agree to:
• Commit to attend Team Meetings as directed by the Walk leadership.
• Remain active in a reunion group.
• Be present for the entire three-day Walk to Emmaus weekend.
• Agree, in a spirit of love and obedience, to follow the guidelines for team service as outlined in the Team Manual and as directed by the Houston North Emmaus Community Board through its representative and the Lay Director of the weekend.
• Be responsible to pay the $180.00 fee for the weekend.
Are you aware of the commitment, and do you prayerfully agree to this commitment should you be called?*
We sincerely appreciate your interest in team service. Your information will be forwarded to the Team Selection personnel for consideration. Keep in mind that completion of the form does not guarantee that you will be contacted, as multiple names are submitted for each position for each Walk. When it is your time for Emmaus team service, the Holy Spirit will get you there. Please let us know of any other comments or questions you may have.

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